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Rhinoplasty in Brazil
Nose job in Brazil


Here you may see all the steps you should follow to do your nose job in Brazil (rhinoplasty in Brazil)


Which are the steps to do my nose job in Brazil with Dr. Gabriel Bijos?


Get in touch with Dr. Gabriel Bijos on whatsapp

Appointment made on the form bellow


Online consultation

It could be made on conference call at whatsapp or zoom platform


Schedule your surgery date

You should be in touch with Dr. Gabriel Bijos team to get your best option


Do your blood exams at your Homeland

Send it to us after you get the results.


Fly to Brazil, Salvador – Bahia
São José dos Campos – São Paulo

Our team may help you on your booking


Arrive at the Hotel

Two days before the surgery is enogh, we may suggest a concierge to help you out. If you need so, a private nurse will follow you these days.


Arriving the Hospital

You should walk to the hospital. It is only 90 yards away. Dr. Gabriel Bijos on his own will accompany you.


Stay in town a few days

After 5-7 days you will get another appointment with Dr. Gabriel Bijos, to check your progress. After 10-15 days you may fly again.


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Dr. Gabriel Bijos and his partner on surgical field


rhinoplasty in Brazil
Bahia Fiesta Hotel – Salvador – BA
rhinoplasty in Brazil
Mercure São José dos Campos – SP

Looking forward to see you in Brazil for your nose job

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